Welcome to the agenda for CorpActions 2014.

As ever, we will be continually updating this page with details on the range of discussion content and participants as we approach the event in October. 6 more speakers recently added!

Morning refreshment and pastries
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Chairman's Welcome
Matt Ford, Executive Director, EMEA Head of Corporate Actions Operations, Morgan Stanley

Chairman's Keynote: T2S: The implications and opportunities for corporate actions
Matt Ford, Executive Director, EMEA Head of Corporate Actions Operations, Morgan Stanley

Evolution of ISO Implementation Globally

    In this session we will review the state of play of ISO Corporate Actions implementation projects across the world.

  • Where are the main changes coming from?
  • What are the drivers and triggers for implementation?
  • What are the actors making the change and who are the influencers?
  • Who is benefiting from most from ISO implementation?
  • What are the remaining burning issues in the CA space?
  • What could/should be done to accelerate change and address these issues?
Kevin Wooldridge , Principal Consultant, Standard Logic
Jacques Littré, Lead Business Analyst, Standards, SWIFT
Alan Jones, Product Manager, SmartStream
Christine Strandberg Product Manager at SEB Merchant Banking (SMPG, CAJWG, CATF, E-MIG)

The Ever Growing Complexity of Corporate Actions Processing: Challenges and Best Approaches
A review of the current growth in complexity for those in corporate actions and asset servicing roles, set against a background of growing volumes, different global markets and regulatory demands.

For instance, key challenges facing Custodians today include the demands of a changing regulatory environment (in many areas, such as for example in Sanction Screening) balanced against clients demands for timelier information.
The challenge to maintain high levels of automation in a process where significant volume of information still requires manual interpretation and enrichment, and the need to support changing fund structure such as pooled funds.

From a buyside perspective, current key challenges are increased emphasis on restrictions of eligibility, translation of documentation in some of the newer less established markets, demands for shorter timelines on availability of entitlements, and cross border challenges, particularly around tax exemption.

Elizabeth Lumley, Special Projects Editor, Finextra
Christine Cartwright, Senior Product Manager, Global Custody, HSBC Securities Services
Ian Harrison, Assistant Director - Head of Global Events & Income, Baring Asset Management Limited
Paul Phillips, Head of Strategic Business Development – EMEA, SunGard
Manuel Feito, Director Head of Corporate Actions and EquityReach Operations Euroclear Bank SA/NV

Networking Break with Vendor Demonstrations

Meet the exhibitors including product demonstrations in the More conference suite

Regulatory Overview

2014 is a critical year for regulatory impacts upon corporate actions and asset servicing processes. This session will analyse what are the key concerns, what market participants are doing to mitigate them and what you should be considering over the next year and the next few years.

The following list includes a brief outline of some of the things that will be discussed, though the session will be more expansive on a wider range of issues and regulatory drivers.

  • CSD Regulation and a changing competitive environment
  • T+2 and a shortening of the settlement cycle
  • T2S and a change in market practices
  • Data transparency requirements and their impact on CoAc data governance
  • Risk data standards – BCBS
  • European Transparency Directive
Sean M. Tuffy, Senior Vice President, Head of Regulatory Intelligence, Brown Brothers Harriman
Arnaud Delestienne, Executive Vice President, Head of Core Product Management Clearstream
Mari Fumagalli Head of CCS UK Product Clearing, Settlement and Custody, UK & Ireland, BNP Paribas Securities Services
PJ Di Giammarino, CEO, JWG-IT Group
Dominique Tanner, Head of Business Development Executive Director, SIX Financial Information (UK) Ltd

The Evolution of the Asset Servicing Model in the New European Landscape

  • What is driving change in the corporate actions and asset servicing space?
  • What impact will this have upon the needs of the major market participants?
  • Are service providers adequately preparing for such a change? If so, how?
  • Who will be the survivors in the medium to long-term?
  • What will they compete upon?

Edwin De Pauw,Director Head of PM Europe, Euroclear
Thorsten Gommel, Partner, Financial Services Consulting,
PWC, AG Frankfurt
Graham Ray , Director, Global Product & Technology Management, Investor Services Global Transaction Banking,
Deutsche Bank AG London
Olivier Trine, Managing Director,
AIM Software
Russell Pixton, Executive Director, Asset Servicing,
Goldman Sachs

Networking Lunch

Meet the exhibitors including product demonstrations in the More conference suite

Afternoon Keynote: John Turner, CEO, XBRL
In this talk John Turner, the CEO of XBRL International, will bring us up to date on XBRL in the corporate actions space and discuss the new Corporate Actions Working Group that has formed within the XBRL International consortium to enhance Corporate Actions data worldwide.
  • History of the Corporate Actions XBRL project globally.
  • What are the benefits in standardising Corporate Actions with XBRL?
    • Distribution efficiencies
    • Updates and versioning
    • Global consistency
    • Comparability of data
  • Standardisation costs
  • Internationalising the project: An Outline
  • Getting involved

  • Questions
John Turner, CEO, XBRL

Update: Measuring Corporate Actions Risk – The Missing Component?
In a world where there seem to be new regulations announced every week, why is there no way to measure the monetary value of the risk associated with processing Corporate Actions?

Building on last year’s opening discussion, this session will involve an outline of the approach to defining and measuring the amount of risk, as well as a panel discussion where senior practitioners will discuss the use of software tools to achieve this end.

  • Identifying, reporting and monitoring events with the highest associated risk
  • Using the risk data to efficiently allocate resources within a global organisation
  • Using software to calculate the changes in risk based on changes to the current processing model, allowing inclusion of risk reduction in business case development.
  • Using risk valuations to optimise trading strategy
Adam Stern, Managing Director, Ibacas Consultancy
Jon Burrows, Executive Director, JP Morgan
Stuart Warner, Global Head of Asset Services, Market Operations, HSBC

Networking Break with Vendor Demonstrations
Afternoon refreshment and pastries

Meet the exhibitors including product demonstrations in the More conference suite

The Corporate Actions Process-Chain
How joined up is the corporate actions process chain? We review the needs and timelines of the various market participants, outline the key requirements and difficulties in each sector and consider areas where greater efficiency and timeliness should be achieved through greater understanding.

Janet Du Chenne, Managing Editor, Global Custodian
Colin Webb, Senior Manager, Corporate Actions, Investment Services & Fund Accounting, Fidelity Worldwide Investment
Matt Ford, Executive Director, EMEA Head of Corporate Actions Operations Morgan Stanley, Morgan Stanley
Thorsten Gommel, Partner, Financial Services Consulting, PWC, AG Frankfurt
Nat Sey, Head of European Product Management,
Interactive Data
Adriana Tanasoiu, CEO of Depozitarul Central (Romania), Chair of the ECSDA Working Group on Harmonisation
Andy Callow, Senior Manager, Regulatory and Market Initiatives, Computershare

Research Report:
The Age of Optimization in Corporate Actions Automation - Trade Lifecycle Optimization (TLO)
Viewing corporate actions as part of a larger project relating to data centralization and repository and considered within the context of long-term transformation projects that emphasize efficient management of data and trade lifecycle optimization.

Anshuman Jaswal, Ph.D., Senior Analyst, Securities & Investments group, Celent

Chairman’s Closing Remarks
Matt Ford, Executive Director, EMEA Head of Corporate Actions Operations, Morgan Stanley


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