CorpActions has been running for well over a decade. In that time, it has become the annual forum for people in the corporate actions (and asset servicing) business area to meet and discuss new industry developments, important infrastructural and regulatory changes and develop consensus on where the industry needs to head next. It is also an unbeatable opportunity to meet with the leading infrastructure, product and service providers in the space with their key people in attendance and to network with your peers in the wider industry to find the right solutions, find new roles and generally to better understand your environment. At these events you will meet the best of breed service providers and vendors and all the key representatives along the process chain. See the media page for a better insight into the conference.

And all of these elements come together, in one location, on one day of the year. So, please see our links in the left hand column for access to past conference programmes, with articles from attendees, video and sound clips from past events and images of the conference discussions and meeting with vendors.