Terms & Conditions

By submitting a booking to an event produced by Capital Markets Events Ltd you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions:

Paid Bookings:

Once a booking has been made,where invoiceable and once the invoice has been sent, payment becomes due within ten working days. Payments must always been made in full before the conference date, otherwise admission may be refused. For bookings that occur ten days or less before the event online credit card payments will in most circumstances be required unless contact has been made and special arrangements agreed.

Discount Codes:

In a limited number of cases promotional codes may apply at our events. These codes need to be made AT THE TIME OF BOOKING and cannot be redeemed after a booking has been made.

Delegate Discounts:

These only apply to group bookings made at the same time. They cannot be added to other bookings made at a later date nor subtracted from bookings already made.

Delegate Substitutions or Changes:

To ensure a smooth registration process on the day any delegate substitutions should be advised no less than 5 business days before the event. This should generally be arranged by the original booking contact or delegate and ideally via their official email address.

Delegate Cancellations

From forteen days after purchase and up to 14 days before the event, cancellations are accepted at a cancellation fee of 50% of the original booking fee. Cancellations received between 14 days and a week (7 days) preceding the event will be subject to a 70% cancellation fee. After this date all bookings must be transferred to a substitute delegate as the fee becomes non-refundable and will need to be paid in full. Non attendees will also not be entitled to a refund and the fee will be due in full. All cancellations must be received in writing, either through a company email address or on a company letterhead through the postal service.

Programme and Event Changes

Capital Markets Events Limited will always strive to deliver the full programme content as advertised on our website and sundry mailings and that you actually registered for. We cannot guarantee though that we will not change elements of the event, large or small including the programme, speakers, location, date of the event or various other unlisted elements at our discretion and we reserve the full right to do so. If for any reason we have to change these or if the event itself is cancelled, we cannot accept any responsibility for covering airfare, hotels or any others sundry costs that have been incurred by the registrants.

Delegate Information and Data Privacy Notice:

Information on the booking form is used to help us create the attendee register for the event, the delegate badges on day and to enable us to send booking confirmations and (where appicable) an invoice. The type of information we collect includes your name, email addresses, names, telephone contact number, job title, business name and address and the services or products you have registered for. We respect your privacy, by registering you agree to having your details passed onto the Third Party sponsor(s) who may promote similar products and services related to your area of interest subject to their privacy policy. See our event website for each event's confirmed sponsors or partners.  We do this because we create partnerships and commercial agreemnents with sponsor organisations that enable us to keep booking rates to an minimum thereby passing on the benefits to the delegates. We do not and will not otherwise share your contact information with any other organisation outside of the above stated purpose of this event and the information collected will be used to enable us to deliver the most successful event that we can. Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the lawful bases we rely on for processing this information are i) Legitimate Interest. ii) Your Consent. If you do not feel that these are reasonable uses of your information and are unwilling for your details to be used in any way apart from recording your attendance for our records then please inform us, either at the time of booking (in the additional comments box) or by email (events@capitalmarketsevents.com) or post (The Forge, School Lane, Wingham, Kent, CT3 1BD) which of these statements you want us to adhere to (or any combination thereof): 1) Do not make my contact information available to any event sponsors or external organisation 2) Do not use my contact information for any further event notifications produced by Capital Markets Events once the event to which I have registered is complete. 3) Do not retain my marketing data or information after the event has ended. After our event your information is stored securely in an encrypted file held by our organisation and you can advise us at any time whether you wish to change your consent for future contact, often via an opt-out button on any future electronic communications.

Loss or Damage

You are responsible for insurance cover for yourself at our physical events. You are responsible for any loss or damage caused by yourself to other people or property at our event. You are responsible for your own property at our event.

Our terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and by registering to our event you agree to be bound by the jurisdiction of these laws.