CorpActions 2023

This page will be continually updated with the finer agenda detail as we progress towards November 22nd. Addiitional speakers, more sponsoring organisations, further granular detail on agenda discussion points and many welcome surprises to come. Join us at this premier annual meeting point for the corporate actions and asset servicing community.

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Chair's Welcome

Louise Wotherspoon, Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate Actions, State Street

Chair's Keynote: “Collaboration Through Change

Accelerating Global Market Changes
Business Impacts
Collaboration Implications
Client, Investor and Shareholder Requirements

Louise Wotherspoon, Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate Actions, State Street

9.30 Accelerating Transformation To Unravel New Opportunities In Corporate Actions -

    - How can we get a mutualized model of Corporate actions operations to transform data validation achieving accuracy and standardization.
    - How to de-risk and fast track your technology transformation

    JD Singh, Managing Director, Global Head of Sales, Regulatory Solutions, S&P Global Market Intelligence
    Kaysar Abdin, Executive Director - Global Technology Head for Asset Servicing, Morgan Stanley
    Will Stevens, Executive Director, Markets Asset Servicing, J.P.Morgan
    Jonathan Morris, EMEA Head, Asset Servicing Operations, Goldman Sachs


    As territories (India, USA, Canada, EU) shift towards T+1 the session will review the implications of fragmented implementation as T+1 is embedded into the financial regions of the world.

    - Corporate actions inherently pose significant risks to operations, and the industry’s move to T+1 creates additional challenges to this already complex process.
    - Shortened settlement increases the importance of transforming and modernizing how the industry facilitates corporate actions
    - Efforts to drive industry-wide standardization in corporate action announcement messaging are essential, solution providers have a role to play in helping achieve this
    - T+1 environment will increase the need for timely counterparty obligation reconciliations and necessitate improved mechanisms for systematically managing liabilities. 
    - Preparation firms should be taking to prepare Corporate Actions systems and teams for the May 28, 2024, implementation and beyond
    - Opportunities for automation – how can AI / Machine Learning help drive efficiencies and increase productivity

    Simon Bennett, CEO Domain Matters (Moderator) ,
    John Kirkpatrick, Vice President, Securities Services, Broadridge Global Technology & Operations International
    Karen Weaver, Markets Management, BNY Mellon
    Paola Deantoni,Public Affairs Officer, Societe Generale Securities Services

Networking Break with Vendor Demonstrations
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Toolkit For Derisking Asset Servicing

The Corporate Actions and Asset Servicing domain has a history of being the high risk area of any operations department, with exposure to open market pricing when errors in event elections or market claims occur.  The panel will discuss how the focus on key risks is changing in today’s operating landscape, along with the potential impact of T+1, the tools that are important to today’s operations managers, and also look at the role of new technologies and new operating models in the future for risk management and control.

Giles Elliott, Head of Strategic Business Development, Capital Markets, Tata Consultancy Services

Alan Lawman, Product Specialist, TCS BaNCS
Louise Wotherspoon, Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate Actions, State Street
Lesley Gomm, Managing Director, Global Head Custody Asset Servicing and Head EMEA Custody Operations | Digital & Platform Services (D&PS), JP Morgan

Asset Servicing: Supporting A Connected Financial Services Environment

This session will explore the industry’s attitude to asset servicing and the associated mechanisms to support it
•             What is asset servicing?
•             Which activities would fall under this umbrella term?
•             How does the industry operationalise the process to support asset servicing?
•             What does the industry consider / expect as their priorities in satisfying these solutions?
•             How does technology underpin these solutions?

Adam Stern, CEO and Founder, Ibacus Consultancy
George Harris , Senior Director, Data Management Solutions, FIS
Stephen MacHardie, Senior Director, Corporate Actions, FIS
Ben Pumfrett, Director, Head of Product & Profitability, Middle Office, RBC Investor Services

Networking Lunch
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Afternoon Keynote Session: Innovation in Corporate Action Operational Efficiency

Making front office self sufficient in relation to CA queries
Minimize back office email traffic in relation to CA queries
Easy access to quality corporate actions data

Virginie O'Shea, Founder, MD of Firebrand Research (moderator)
Further Thoughts On Automation, Innovation and Efficiency Opportunities

A wider review of current drivers and options for improving efficiency in this space.

Nadia Rosse, Global Head of Product Management – Asset Servicing, Euroclear
Nick Morgan, Executive Director, Ops Transformation| Digital & Platform Services, JP Morgan
Jayne Tetlow, Executive Director, Global Transformation Lead for Asset Service, Morgan Stanley

Networking Break

Meet the exhibitors and network with your peers

Regulatory And Standards Developments

EU Withholding Tax and Custody Implications
Market Standardisation and General Meetings

James Cunningham, Senior Advisor, Public Policy, Government Affairs - The Bank of New York Mellon
David Baxter, Managing Director at T-Scape
Karin Deridder, Head of Standards Development, SWIFT
Michael Collier,Executive Director, International Head of Asset Services Product Management, JP Morgan
Ioulia Petti, VP Asset Servicing Product Development, Clearstream



Asset Management Outsourcing and What Level of Oversight should an IM Apply

What aspects of the role does the IM still action themselves? e.g. Voluntary Elections, Security Restrictions
How do IM’s manage their own workflow?
Does the IM rely solely on the Outsourced Provider or Data Provider or Custodian(s)?
When Do IMs step In
What Risk Implications Are Involved
How do the large custodians who also act as IM outsourced providers interact with each other?
How does an IM stimulate strategic change at an outsourced provider?

Colin Webb, Asset Servicing Manager, Federated Hermes Limited
Grant Ramsay, Head of Corporate Actions and Client Reporting, Nomura Asset Management U.K.
Jim Blandford, Operations, Singer Capital Markets
Paul McCarthy, Global Head of Asset Servicing, ATOM
State Street (name tbc)