CorpActions 2019

Our agenda will be updated continually as we progress towards October 16th with our final speakers, content coverage updates and more welcome surprises. Join us in the heart of Canary Wharf.

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Chairman's Welcome

Jon Burrows
, Global Head of Technology, Global and Direct Custody, Citi

Chairman's Overview: Change Is A Constant: A Technologist's Overview Of Automation In Asset Services, Problems and Solutions

Jon Burrows
, Global Head of Technology, Global and Direct Custody, Citi

9.30 Complexity, Risk and Reporting

    We open the main day's panels with a look at the current operational challenges and the key areas of complexity within corporate actions and asset servicing. Higher volumes, more complexity in investment instruments and valuation processes, multiple information sources, market fragmentation and regional differences. How can we drive efficiency, reduce risk and achieve economies of scale? What recent events have been most problematic? To what extent is STP possible in this increasingly complex environment?

    We will follow the lifecycle of a few notorious events to point out some of the most recent global issues.

    Adam Stern, Managing Director, Ibacas Consultancy
    Michael Wood, Head of Asset Servicing Product Management, Broadridge Financial Solutions
    Paola Deantoni, Executive Management Senior Advisor, Societe Generale Securities Services
    Nick Morgan, Executive Director, Asset Services, JP Morgan Security Services

The Shareholder Rights Directive II And CSDR's Impact On Market Players

The Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) impacts European companies who have their registered office in a Member State and the shares of which are admitted to trading on a regulated market. With trillions in assets, the Directive encourages the long-term engagement of shareholders in these companies, reinforce shareholders’ rights, increase the transparency of institutional investors, asset managers and proxy advisors and through this places strict compliance obligations on market participants. We will review what this means for asset servicing and corporate actions professionals and hear from those actively sitting on the appropriate industry task forces, key market participants and solutions providers. How has the implementation gone for asset managers since June and what are the coming implications for custodians and other intermediaries?

Additionally we will look at how the Central Securities Depository Regulation (CSDR) and the rollout of its standards will change business processes and obligations for corporate actions and asset servicing professionals in ways that many in our industry are not aware of or have not fully foreseen.

Mathieu Mitevoy, Head of Product Management Europe, Euroclear
Michael Collier
, Director, GTB Product Management at Deutsche Bank
Karen Weaver, Custody Product Manager, Asset Servicing, Bank of New York Mellon
Les Turner, VP, Global Proxy Operations and Client Services , Broadridge
James Blandford, Corporate Actions, JP Morgan Asset Management

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Automation, Innovation and Disruptive Technology: Winners And Losers

There has been a lot of buzz around the potential of new tech in the post-trade space and various industry pilot projects and strategic coalitions formed. The AMI-SeCo Harmonisation Steering Group (HSG) has also established a Fintech Task Force (Fintech-TF)* with a detailed overview of corporate actions. What is the current situation with automation trends, what have been the results so far with disruptive technology on operations teams and what is the likely impact for the future?

We will also consider the hurdles to automation: data quality, multiple custodians, data provision versus business cost, portfolio valuation etc.

Later in the day we will also provide a case study from one global player to demonstrate the current functionality and practicality of some of these areas.

*In the CoAc field Fintech-TF are looking at ways of making issuers produce announcements in standardised machine readable formats; DLT; smart contracts; Natural Language Processing to create a Trusted Copy; driving wider standards compliance; electronic voting methodologies like IDD; developing utility services and many other areas.

Virginie O'Shea, Research Director, Aite Group
Michaël Shinghidian, Head of Corporate Actions, Amundi Asset Management
George Harris, Business & Project Management - XSP Securities Finance & Processing, FIS
Jon Burrows , Global Head of Technology, Global and Direct Custody, Citi

Developing A Global Business Strategy And Appropriate Operating Model

How do organisations manage corporate actions and asset servicing globally when operating in different territories (or having key customer bases in other territories)?

- Setting up an operating model that provides local market expertise and proximity to local Agents, while managing down costs and keeping close to the client.
- Applying consistent best practise around risk and control within a distributed team.
- What is the role of outsourcing versus off-shoring and is there a greater industry trend to outsource processes on a modular basis?
- Where this occurs, how are firms retaining the expertise to manage changes and moderate risk? 
- Shared learning and preventing silos
- Costs vs Benefits of high cost locations
- Captive vs BPO for low risk functions
- Finally, what internal and external impacts have been foreseen by the Brexit process and how are organisations responding?

Simon Bennett, (moderator), Principal, Domain Matters
John Kirkpatrick, MD, Global Head of Asset Servicing, JP Morgan Securities Services
David Bounds, Head of Securities Change Investment Operations, M&G Investments

Networking Lunch
Meet the exhibitors and network with your peers

Analytics, automation and regulation: what next for data sourcing?

We open the afternoon session with a discussion about what has changed for corporate actions data sourcing in the new age of data and analytics. The topics covered will include:

• the trade-off between efficiency and accuracy as a result of automation
• dependency on data vendors to support internal growth strategies
• the push for standards to reduce complexity and risks
• preparedness for new regulations and directives (SRD II, SOFR/LIBOR)
• the appetite for alternative data in corporate actions

JD Singh (moderator): Global Head of Sales & Business Dev | Managed Corporate Actions | IHS Markit
Nick Morgan: Executive Director, SecOps Portfolio Services and Digital & Platform Services | J.P. Morgan
Trevor Dorrell: Asset Servicing | HSBC
Madhu Ramu: Head of Data Strategy & Operations | Corporate Actions | IHS Markit

IHS Markit

Presentation: Asset Services Tax - Compliance, Technology And Transformation

An overview of key asset services tax compliance and automation issues from a leading market expert and widely published author, followed by a Q&A to enable attendees to get a better understanding of some of their taxation and STP related concerns.

Tax Tax Baby – Comply! The connection between regulatory compliance and operational compliance

Tax Wars – over-withholding, underwithholding and TRACE in the middle

Nine million bicycles in Beijing – digitising tax forms to speed up STP in corporate actions

Ross K McGill, Chairman, TConsult

Networking Break With Sponsors
Afternoon refreshment and pastries

Joint Presentation: by the European Central Bank and ISLA: Collateral Management Harmonisation, CSDR and SFTR

The presentation will be split into two areas, as follows:

ECB: The ECB has joined up with financial market stakeholders all over Europe to define common rules for managing collateral. Together these rules make up the Single Collateral Rulebook for Europe. A core part of this initiative involves the definition of harmonised rules for managing corporate actions in the context of collateral management. The ECB will introduce the initiative with a view to covering the following key points:

* Why is harmonisation needed?
* What Standards have been agreed by industry stakeholders?
* What are the next steps towards implementation of the Standards?


*SFTR Primer – Securities Finance Transaction Regulation in 3 minutes.
* SFTR Requirements for Corporate Actions – What the regulator has specified for reporting the effects of Corporate Actions
* ISLA’s approach to developing a Best Practice for Corporate Actions under SFTR
* Unique issues presented to Corporate Actions under SFTR reporting
* Plans for the future of the ISLA Corporate Actions Working Group

Gary McNamara, Advisor, European Central Bank
James Langlois, SFTR,The International Securities Lending Association (ISLA)

Automation and Innovation Case Study

A detailed exposition on how a major global investment bank has tranformed its automation processes for itself and its clients by the use of digitisation, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Agents.

Chairman's Closing Remarks

Jon Burrows
, Global Head of Technology, Global and Direct Custody, Citi