CorpActions 2022

An agenda which will be continually updated with the finer discussion detail as we progress towards November 8th with our final speakers, content detail updates and more welcome surprises. Join us. All places - for this year - are free to attend for delegates from banking institutions (asset managers, investment banks etc.) while places remain. There's never been a better time to meet the industry and engage with this forum.

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Chair's Welcome

James Cunningham
, Senior Advisor / Public Policy & Government Affairs, Bank of New York Mellon

Chair's Opening: “Connecting issuers to investors: the issue of common data”

- What is the issue/rationale
- What are the current drivers
- What are regulators currently doing
- What should be done now
James Cunningham, Senior Advisor / Public Policy & Government Affairs, Bank of New York Mellon

9.30 Best Practices In Corporate Actions Automation and The Search For STP

    In our opening panel, we wil review the major challenges for those in asset servicing and corporate actions in this new era. We will outline the current challenges, the opportunities and view some of the industry wide trends through hard examples from those both in the service provider and banking community. We will then look ahead to review what the near future will look like for those in our sector.

    Virginie O'Shea, Founder, CEO, Firebrand Research
    Annelotte de Nanassy, Senior Product Manager, Financial Information, SIX
    Louise Wotherspoon , Managing Director, Global Delivery, State Street
    Steven Edwards, EMEA Corporate Actions Manager, Invesco

Morning Keynote Session: Reimagining the Corporate Actions Operating Model

How can we build scale into our corporate actions operations today? In the face of numerous challenges across the event lifecycle, how and where are we transforming our operating models to support growth?

Corporate action transformation is central to our industry's change agenda in 2022 and beyond.

  • In the face of cost pressures, new settlement, corporate actions disciplines, and accelerated transaction lifecycles, what role does our technology play as an enabler or obstacle to significant change?

  • Driven by changes in regulation, market behaviors, and customer needs, organisations are working harder than ever to define the right target operating model for the next generation of corporate events. How have market developments changed your views on the ideal target operating model?

Virginie O'Shea, Founder, CEO, Firebrand Research
Madhu Ramu
, Managing Director, Corporate Actions, S&P Global Market Intelligence
Julie Leigh, Managing Director, Global Head of Asset Servicing, EMEA Head of Security Services, Morgan Stanley
Will Stevens, Executive Director – Markets Asset Servicing, JP Morgan

Networking Break with Vendor Demonstrations
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Regulation - Demands and Opportunities: A Review

Leading corporate actions regulatory experts will outline the latest from the regulatory frontline, looking at issues particularly around the Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) and SCoRE CA standards but also encompassing others. Full content digest in due course.

James Cunningham, Senior Advisor / Public Policy & Government Affairs, Bank of New York Mellon
Paul Nolan, Senior Director, Product Management, Broadridge
Gary McNamara, Senior Advisory, European Central Bank
Michael Collier, Executive Director, Product Management, JP Morgan
Paola Deantoni, Public Affairs Officer, Societe Generale Securities Services

Future-Proofing Models for Asset Servicing

How do we future proof our corporate actions models, and what client and market demands will drive changes to our current models. How should we leverage cloud more effectively and how will this impact our existing models and where are the opportunities for ecosystem transformation. CA has been cited as a perfect use case for DLT – but we have only seen very localised live use cases – why is this and what should we change in our approach, if anything. What are the opportunities in AI and ML – where are we seeing progress and what should be done to accelerate this path. And should we still target a journey towards utility models and if so what are the steps along that path

Giles Elliot, Global Head of Business Development, TCS BaNCS
Suman Bhadresha, Managing Director, Global Head of Product Delivery, Markets and Securities Services, HSBC Security Services
Michael Collier, Executive Director, Product Management, JP Morgan
Sanjay Prasad, Head of Capital Markets and Wealth Management, US, Canada and UKI, TCS BaNCS
Paul Duffy, Product Head, Xceptor Tax Solutions


Networking Lunch
Meet the exhibitors and network with your peers

Innovation & Emerging Technology
A review of innovation trends and emerging technology within corporate actions and asset servicing, with a focus on areas including DLT, tokenisation, a review of a current CoAc engine development, plus a new pilot by SWIFT and latest developments and requirements for the industry from ISO20022.

Nick Morgan, Executive Director, Ops Transformation, Digital & Platform Services, JP Morgan
Mari Fumagalli, Head of Global Asset Servicing Product and Custody Regulatory Solutions, BNP Paribas
Marcel De Haan, Operations/Investment Operations & Accounting Services Asset Servicing, APG Asset Management
Didier Hermans, Lead Analyst, SWIFT Standards, SWIFT
John Kirkpatrick, Vice President, Product Management, Broadridge
Revolution Or Innovation?

Traditional solutions have only ever focused on one part of the ecosystem. Unless we change the ecosystem will we ever truly move forward?

Nigel Little, Product Manager, Proxymity

Final Thoughts From Our Chair : James Cunningham, Bank of New York Mellon

Afternoon Refreshments, Pastries and Reception With Sponsors
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